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Odd Photo behaviour

Question asked by DonCollier on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by DonCollier

We have a client operating in a Windows environment. The Filemaker server is hosted on one

server and the files are kept on an enterprise server.  


They have a large number of photos and documents in a file structure on the server and load them into a table in FileMaker for ease of searching and management. They are imported as a reference (I know that is scheduled for deprivation for some reasons) not stored in the container.


Prior to upgrading to FMS16 this worked fine however since upgrade it is impossibly slow and often times out.


Detailed testing has indicate this can be isolated to individual photos but there is no apparent logic for it. Most photos are sized between 1- 2MB.


Creating a simple test file with a single container and importing 4 of the pictures 3 with no problem and 1 with  a problem and we can replicate this behaviour.  Take the same photos and file to a Mac and upload the photos to a mac server then reimport them as a reference and you do not get the issue.


It therefore looks strongly like something environmental or PC related but I don't have a PC structure I can test it on .


Can anyone give me any ideas or have they experienced it?