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Issues with import or apps database links after 15.0.4 upgrade from previous release

Question asked by marinko70 on Jan 28, 2018
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Recently upgraded Pro Advanced to 15.0.4 from 15.0.3 (If I remember correctly).  Since then when I tried my data refresh routine I am getting incorrect results.


I export a few thousand records from a MAC app (Delicious Library 3) which generates; 1. XML file of attributes for each record and 2. A separate 'art work' file corresponding to each record. The identifier for each record in the 'art work' file is the same identifier for the associated record in the XML file.


I have a couple of simple apps in filemaker. The apps are connected via the database with the artwork identifier fields mapped to each other.  One app loads the 'art work' file records (identifier and the art work content). The other app loads from the XML file the fields I'm interested in including the art work identifier.  After fishing the process I can view each record including the linked art work content in a container in the app.


I set this up using filemaker v13 and have been using the same process since with no problems. Since I updated to v15.0.4, the imports work without error, but when I look at the content in the second app the link to the specific 'art work' has been lost and displays random art-work.


The art work file contains all the relevant art work. I tested the XML and its style sheet using a utility and that seems to be OK also. I'm left confused how to identify where the linkage is breaking down.  There's been no changes to the export function on the original app (although I waiting for a confirm on this from the vendor).


Any help welcome - 1. has 15.0.4 changed things  and/or  2. how to identify where the issue is.