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Portal to Feild issues

Question asked by BlueGirl on Jan 28, 2018
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Can some one please tell me how to show a text field from a record in a portal in a text field on a different layout?


The longer version of the same Question

I need to get values from a portal record onto a second layout that dose not have a portal on it, just text fields? The ways I have tried to view the data on the second layout keep over writing the first record when I return to the portal on the first lay out.


- I have two layouts they are named “Session data” and “Invoice”


- Work flow: I starts in “Session data” I record my new settings in the new portal row. Then, I switch to the “Invoice” layout to send an invoice based on the work I just did.


- “Session data” layout - has a portal that I create a new record in for each session.


- “Invoice” layout - is a typical text style invoice with the important numbers in the body of the text ( text fields from portal). Now here is the real question, I need these text fields to show the contents of the last row of the portal on “Session data”’ not the first one like FM defaults to. 


I have been working on this for well long enough to recognize the results of the google searches.