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How calculate invoice credits ?

Question asked by frankyl on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by frankyl

Hi i'm a newbie with this wonderful software and i'm completely stuck right now.

I run a small restaurant and i want to keep track the Invoices i have of my Suppliers.

So i want to catalogue all the Invoices, track the payments i made to them (date, amount) and create some reports for statistics reasons (how many of this product bought this year, this month etc.)

So i manage to make the database system, but now i'm stuck with two things :

  • I want to keep track of the CREDIT INVOICES (return some products back). In my invoice form i have a checkbox that if clicked that invoice is CREDIT or else is usual invoice. But i can't calculate the total supplier balance, the quantity and the price that must be decreased of the specific returned products.
  • Keep track of history of the Product price changes and when i enter a new invoice to bring me the latest price of that product.

Below is the Relationship Graph that i have and the Invoice Form (sorry for the Greeks !!!!)

Please if someone can help me !!!

I worked hard 15 days but now i am stuck !!!!