Native cURL functions syntax help/suggestions! No plugin!

Discussion created by jfencil on Jan 29, 2018
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I am currently looking for a demo file that uses FM native cURL functions. Does any one have a sample file available or has a reference to a different discussion? MBS cURL plugin is great but $599 for my situation. Trying to connect to ServiceNow TABLE API through Insert from URL using native FileMaker cURL functions. I have referenced the following FM community documentation already:


New cURL options in Insert from URL





Specifically I am having trouble with the syntax of the native FileMaker cURL functions:


List (

"--header \"Accept:application/json\" \\";

"--user 'user':'pass'";

"--dump-header $$RESPONSE.HEADER \\";




If I paste this etc.. into the cURL options, I get the message "Authentication failed."


Please help!!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!