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Script that creates a years worth of dated records based on the last record/date?

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Jan 29, 2018
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In a nutshell I am trying to add a button to our schedule layout- that would allow the user to quickly create 1 years worth of records with the day of week and date already filled in.

For example, if today is Showday::Day_Of_Week (Monday) | Showday::ShowDate (1/29/18) ... I want to click a button and see 365 records appear starting with Showday::Day_Of_Week (Tuesday) | SHowday::ShowDate (1/30/18) and so on.


There was a script in this thread Create a set of records by date in sequence?  that I tried to edit to my needs but no matter what I do, the date doesn't fill in accurately... and it doesn't start from where I've finished.


Assuming I am making sense, can anybody help?