Container field in FM16 not accessible

Discussion created by MauriceG on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by philmodjunk


I just upgraded to FM16 to resolve some display issues. But now I have a very specific issue in that the container field no longer displays videos. It displays PDFs and pictures, but not videos. But the real problem is that I can't access the container in layout mode; when I right-click on the field, the list displayed does not include Field, and if I open the Inspector, the Field line remains empty. It is as if the container field is no longer accessible at all. As a test, I deleted it and created a new container field, and this new container was easily accessible.

But there has to be another solution to this issue than deleting and recreating all the container fields, and having to reinsert the content in them, in 7 or 8 DBs, involving thousands of pictures, PDFs and videos.


I'm sure other people have experienced this problem. What can be done about it?