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How can I keep the WPE up?

Question asked by douglerner on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by douglerner

The WPE on our server (FileMaker Server 15, Windows 2008 R2) stopped working on the 25th and again today on 29th.


There was nothing in the logs about it stopping.


In the admin console if I clicked on Web Publishing Engine a big orange dialog appeared saying the WPE was not on. And in the Status the WPE toggle had turned to grey.


However, in the terminal I tried fmsadmin start wpe, but that returned a message saying that the service was already running. So Windows thought the WPE was on but FileMaker Server itself thought it was off.


Then in the admin console I clicked the toggle for the WPE back on and after about 10 minutes some apparent clutter of connections went down from 57 to 20 and I saw the WPE was responding again. Then the number of connections continued to drop to 0 or 1, which is usual.


How can I keep the WPE up? In another discussion thread it was suggested to run a batch file every minute and issue an fmsadmin start wpe command. That won't work in this case because fmsadmin thinks it's on, even though the admin console shows it is off.


I think we maybe need a script that externally checks with test WPE calls every few minutes and if the call fails issue an fmsadmin restart wpe command instead.


The FM support person also thought that sounded like a good idea, but wouldn't advise me on how to create such a script.


It's clearly an FMS technical problem though, and I think FM should provide some means for dealing with it.


But since they won't, anybody have any suggestions or solutions for keeping the WPE up?