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Summary Fields Not Updating

Question asked by goldh37 on Jan 30, 2018
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I'm still new to filemaker but I'm having a hard time getting some summary fields to refresh properly.  I'm using Filemaker Pro v16


I have a Project layout showing the costs for various vendors working on our projects.  These costs are calculation fields based on data in related tables.  At the bottom of this layout, I have a Trailing Grand Summary which includes summary fields for each vendor so I can see their total costs across all projects.


It looks something like this:

Vendor 1Vendor 2Vendor 3
Project 1$10$20$30
Project 2$30$30
Project 3$20$40
Trailing Grand Summary$30$50$100


When I make a change (and commit records) on a related table for the calculations, this Project table does not update automatically.  Instead, I have a button to Refresh Window, which updates all the calculations.  However, the summary fields at the bottom never update, even after the calculation fields have updated.  I've tried various options of refreshing and committing records, but I can't figure out why the summary field won't update properly.


Do Trailing Grand Summary sections operate differently?  Do you have a suggestion on how I can get the summary fields to update upon refreshing the window?  Or is there a different route I should take?