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FileMaker Cloud and external container storage

Question asked by davidhead Expert on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by TSGal

Can someone from FileMaker please confirm the exact behaviour and support for external container storage with FileMaker Cloud. I cannot find any official documentation in the help or tech specs.


I have a database hosted on FileMaker Cloud. Two container fields were previously set for external storage. When uploading the file to Cloud, the external folders did not go with it. So I deleted, set both containers as internal storage, and uploaded again. All worked fine albeit a massive file.


However, I have downloaded a copy of the file. The process first 'archived' the file and it cam down as a zip. On opening that zip, I find the file and external folders. The file is 1.69GB and the external folders are 1.63GB.


The container fields are set to internal storage. All the images and documents appear to be internally stored:

  • if I move the folder away, no harm
  • GetContainerAttribute shows "Storage Type: Embedded"


So – what is with the download providing the external folders?


Cheers, David