Filemaker Pro not responding

Discussion created by epace on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

So I have an interesting issue with one computer and Filemaker Pro. This computer is with our Traffic Supervisor. She has her Filemaker Pro open all day long, going back and forth between pages in Filemaker and her Browser as well as a couple other programs.


If she leaves her Filemaker open on one screen and idle while doing things in other programs for more than 10 minutes, her Filemaker Pro sort of Freezes. I say sort of because it actually acts as if it is not open. She can click through the program to the files and folders on her Desktop and open those things instead of doing anything in Filemaker. She can't even click the close x on the top corner.


If she clicks on the Taskbar at the bottom, she can minimize Filemaker and then open it up again and it works again for a while. She has to minimize and reopen Filemaker at least 10 times a day it seems. This is an annoyance and we need to figure out why this is happening. The fact that she can open her documents on her desktop THROUGH the Filemaker window is what is baffelling me. I have never had a program do this. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Filemaker but this has not made a difference.


I even tried it with another user on that computer and it does not do it for that user. So, it seems it might be something with her user account on the computer. Anyone have anything that I can try aside from creating a new user profile for her?