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export in sql

Question asked by mbk28 on Jan 31, 2018
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the title seems a little vague, normal, I do not know how to say.



This is how I happen to have connection problems with my sql database on my mac, I wish I could do an export of FMP with formatting and text sql so as to integrate my data in the database on the internet under the following formats this concerns tables:



results: REPLACE INTO `results` (` ResultsID`, `GameID`,` DayMed`, `ProofID`,` SessionID`, `AthleteID`,` MedailleID`, `Perf`,` Rec`, `Comments`,` CommentUS `,` Rg`) VALUES

(95010, 63, '2018-02-11', 1161, 2, 9823, 5, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL);



and athletes: REPLACE INTO `athlete` (` AthleteID`, `FirstName`,` Nickname`, `Name`,` CountryID`, `Birthday`,` Date_deces`, `GenderID`,` Other_Name`, `accumulate`,` bioFR`, `bioUS`,` ath_img`, `Initiale`,` Location_nais_Fr`, `Lieu_nais_Us`,` année_seule`, `ID_jeune`) VALUES

(49901, 'Hugo', NULL, 'FROM SOUSA', 35, NULL, NULL, 1, NULL, 49901, NULL, NULL, '0.png', 'D', NULL, NULL, 0, 1);


thank you in advance