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Go crashing w/ fmurlscript..?

Question asked by mark.stuller on Jan 31, 2018
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We have long been using a technique first presented by Colibri Solutions (long ago, not on their website any longer) in a served solution named GoConnect. It uses the fmurlscript feature to replace an older version of a solution on a user's iOS device with a newer version stored in a container field in GoConnect.


We have been experiencing FMGo crashes on this script step:


Open URL [ With dialog: off ; fmp://$/[solutionName]?script=Close ]


Strangely crashing does NOT happen if it is executed with the dialog on!


Open URL [ With dialog: on ; fmp://$/[solutionName]?script=Close ]


This has only started with FMGo 16. And of course we don't want the dialog on :-).


Any tho'ts from the community?


Thanks, Mark