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Removing blank space in a report

Question asked by CaptainJake on Jan 31, 2018
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I have a report that contains a Title header, header, title footer, footer, a body with leading Grand summary, and a sub summary when sorted by a key field. In the leading grand summary I have a field that is in a related table to the current table. The main field in this related table can span more than one page if there is enough data in the field. I have all of the fields set to slide up and reduce the enclosing part. The report works well as long as I don't use a container field in the report. I need this container field because it is a picture of the data I am referring to in the text field. The container field is also set to slide up. When I include the container field in the report, it leaves blank spaces in between the text field and when I remove the container field the report works correctly. I have tried making both fields "No fill", I have also tried putting the container field on top of the text field so that each related record is either data or a picture, but no matter what I try, I cannot get a report without gaps in the pages. One clue, which I can't figure out, is that if the container field is included in the report layout, each record with text is on a new page, but if I remove the container field and make no other changes to the layout, then multiple records will appear on a single page based on amount of text.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated