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Calculated Button Bar Segment name including Sub Summary

Question asked by Cécile on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by mike_wallace_rcc

I don't understand quite yet the Summary elements in FM.


I have several button segments that open corresponding layouts with found sets or list of records of found sets. I want to see the total number of items that would be in the found set if the found function was runned. These buttons are repeated on several pages and depending on what is being selected in the relevant field, the count will varie.




Button must show :
Pending Initial Review (5)


Here is the calculation that I hoped would create that name (it returns a ?)


"Pending Initial Review (" &

ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT( \"Dossiers::OccurencesPIR\" ) FROM \"Dossiers\" WHERE \"Dossiers::StepRP\" =?"; ""; ""; "Pending Initial Review") &




Dossiers::OccurencesPIR is a summary field (option count selected,  running count checked)

I have placed the OccurencesPIR field on the Layout that corresponds to the table Dossiers to monitor the number. It shows the number of values found in the OccurencesPIR field of the active found set rather than the whole DB.


I am not quite sure how to go from here.