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How to show "recent tickets" in a drop down menu...

Question asked by bcometa on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by philmodjunk

We organized our DB using "ticket numbers" (with a different ticket number for every customer). To search for a ticket number, we  enter the number in an edit box field ("manualticket") and use a script to "find" it. This works great.


However, I wanted to find a way to show recently searched tickets (in a drop-down list near the ticket search field). So, I figured out how to add searched ticket numbers into a Value List. The Value List gets its data from a field called "RecentTickets" which is added to any time a new ticket number is searched. Then, I set up a drop-down list to display this Value List, and when a recent ticket number is clicked from the drop-down list, it's searched. This all works as expected.


But, I'm having two problems:

1) The drop-down list is in numerical order, not in order of "most recently searched ticket on top" (which I want).

2) I can't find a way to limit the number of entries in the Value List by creation date (while deleting the oldest entered value, after a maximum of 20 tickets are on the list).


After searching this forum, I've come to learn that a Value List probably can't do what I want. That is: it can't sort by order in which tickets were added to the field/Value List.


I'm a novice FileMaker programmer and would love to hear a pro's suggestion on how to create a "drop-down list of recently searched tickets, organized by most recently searched, and limited to 20 results."


Thank you for your ideas or suggestions!



P.S. Two attachments just show the current ticket search edit box and the current drop-down value list.