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Discussion created by brobideau60 on Jan 31, 2018
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Hi Everyone, I've been on this forum as a non-member many times to get answers to many FM questions that others have also had.  I officially joined so I can take better advantage of this community and perhaps get some advice.  In general, I'm looking for training and career guidance.  If this is not the proper forum, I apologize.  I could not find a separate forum for this type of general questions.


Let me take a few sentences to put context to my request.  I have been a software engineer/team leader for 36 years, mostly working with C++ at a large storage corporation.  Last August, I was involuntarily retired, let go but with a generous early retirement package.  The package has afforded me time to assess my career goals, mentally recharge and do major work on a FM package that I created 11 years ago.


So why my interest in Filemaker?  In 2006, my wife's small non-profit agency was getting desperate for an office management package.  They had been using simple spreadsheets, word docs and lots of pen and paper.  After finding that they could not afford a commercial product, I was sweetly asked (can't say no to the wife) if I could come up with something.  After some searching, I came across FM 7 and off I went.  I loved it from day 1.  I taught myself as I went along and used the old FM forum when I couldn't figure it out.  Some months later, I had a package which I massaged a bit for the next  10 years (eventually moving up to FM 14).  With my new found spare time,  I decided to dive back in and have found incredible features in FM 14 that did not exist way back in '06.  As these months have passed and I made major changes and enhancements, I have found myself truly enjoying the platform and the creativity it allows me.  Basically, I've become addicted to it.


So here I am.  I have come to the conclusion that I could be very happy getting back into the work force working with FM.  But I know there's still so much to learn before I could begin to market myself as a FM developer.  I've looked around a bit for training, but I'm finding it a challenge to figure out if there's a series of courses that can enhance my knowledge.  I'd like to work towards certification and expand beyond FM Pro.


So here's a few questions I hope some members can weigh in on:

  • Links to good, reputable training materials?
  • Which FM platforms are desirable in today's market (i.e. Pro, Server, etc)?
  • Any general advice on specific areas of focus?
  • How is the market for FM developers (I live in Mass)?  Is there a strong enough demand to justify extensive training?


If you made it this far, thanks for reading.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I will continue to use this forum for technical assistance as I attempt to add one more major feature to my office management package.