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Mirroring two databases - is there a good, efficient way?

Question asked by douglerner on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by douglerner

Does FileMaker have the ability to mirror two databases on two different servers natively? If not, is there a best recommended solution for this?


In order to solve ongoing issues with the WPE, we have noticed that certain FM Pro client-side activity (i.e. uploading spreadsheets of new data and the consequent processing of them in scripts) is correlated time-wise with our WPE to stop responding and even completely fail and turn itself off.


FileMaker support is looking into that right now because our scripts, which have nothing to do with the WPE, shouldn't cause it to fail.


In the meantime, based on some suggestions that were offered in this community, I was wondering if I could create two separate FM servers with the same database as follows:


1. One server would run no scripts at all and would not be accessed by FM Pro clients. It would simply be there for WPE access. The WPE calls would look things up, and also add new records or change existing records throughout the day.


2. Another server would not have any WPE access at all. It would just be accessed by a few team members with FM Pro clients. Those users would also modify the database and run scripts as needed.


Since changes to the database would be taking place on both servers we would want to keep the database contents themselves in sync.


Does FileMaker have the native ability to mirror databases so they are kept in sync?


If not, is there a recommended third-party tool that would do this?


And more broadly, is this kind of mirroring efficient? Our database is about 7 GB in size and there are different tables and layouts. The members table alone has about 260,000 records. It wouldn't help if the mirroring process itself adversely impacted on the WPE.