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Perform Script On Server - Save as PDF freezes ?

Question asked by tom2017 on Jan 31, 2018
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One of my customer is running a PSOS that saves a PDF into the document folder of FileMaker Sever.


Most of the time, the script works perfectly, but sometimes for an unknown reason, the script freezes. It saves the PDF, but the file is 0 K. I'm unable to delete the file, it says the file is in use by fmsase.exe (see picture attached)

When this happens, we can't save another PDF with this script.


When I look into the FMS console, I see the script as a user (so it tells me it's still running) but I can't disconnect it.

I have to disconnect all 35+ users each time it happens, stop FMS service, delete the 0K file, and then restart FMS service.


I can confirm this is not related to the record itself, because when I try again (once FMS service is restarted), the same record works perfectly.


I'm running FMS 16.0v3 on Windows Server 2012


Anyone has seen this before ? Any ideas for how to fix this ?


Thanks for your help !