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Global Field in Multi Users Problem

Question asked by luffyfilemaker007 on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by luffyfilemaker007

Hello everyone;


So, I created a Calculation field for my Invoice number. It is based on date; type of customer AND a Global field which starts everyday by the number one. I set up the script so every time I create a new invoice it uses the last value of this Global field and then increments it by one. I also set a script to set back this Global Field to ''1'' at Midnight.


Now, this works very well as I would want it to, except when I use it on another computer. The number stays the same and starts at "1" again even though we already created several invoices.

I have read that the Global Field doesn't work well for this in a Multi User environment.

So I was wondering what was the best way to make it work and still keep the serial number when I want to create a new invoice on a different computer.

Please let me know if I am clear enough.


Have a good day,