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Need to better understand Record and Table Locking

Question asked by DominiqueHawinkels on Feb 1, 2018
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My problem:  One user with a curser in one field, locks not only a record but an entire table or tables of records.


I have an FMP16 application which runs via the FileMaker server that frequently will prevent one user or another from modify records.  To allow users who receive message to edit records, the offending user mentioned in message needs to click their curser outside of the field they are currently in.  Other user can then continue editing.


This all sounds simple except the offending user is not in the same record as the person or persons receiving message.  Problem is proving difficult to track down as I can not determine what is causing the problem.  Every script I can find has additional Go to field [] and Commit Record steps to ensure that fields are not accidentally left in focus.  Fields are set with onObjectExit script triggers to commit records every time curser leaves a field.


Two things I have noticed is that this problem predominately occurs when you open a model card window and access fields here or enter/edit a field via relational value lists (i.e. offending party is in the process of using or recently used these).


This problem is extremely difficult to consistently reproduce as actual cause may be a few steps back from where it becomes evident.


Any insights as to how a user in a field of one record can lock out a user in another field of another record would be much appreciated.