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how to get units on hand at a particular date

Question asked by kjmfum on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by philmodjunk

  I've two tables in my solution. The "inventory" table which I'll call Inv and the "stock transactions" table which I'll call stockT. I've items, description, recorder level, units on hand etc as fields in the inv table. But the units on hand is a calculation field. The calculation is "units in"- "units out". Meanwhile the"units in" and "units out"are fields in the stockT table.   the two tables are related by the items. I've foreign key for items in the stockT table.  On the inventory layout the"units on hand" works perfectly for each item record. But no matter how I restrict the date in the stockT table I keep getting the same current units on hand. I would like to get the units on hand at a particular date. Say I wanted to know the"units on hand" on close of day of 3rd January 2018. Is there any way I could get the "units on hand" for all the items on a particular day?