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How to show all line items in a single portal?

Question asked by jpbarna on Feb 1, 2018
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I have a table for soccer matches. And a related one with events (like passes) for each match. I need to show ALL matches events in a single portal. I want to see all passes, for example, listed in a single portal.


I think I have to use a self join or a relationship with itself. I've created one based in a constant field (calc =1) but I see some inconsistencies like:


What should be the context of the layout? The Matches table or the events one? If I set the events one, what should I show in the portal? The same table fields or the ones from the self join? I have a table "events" and then in the relationships tab I've added an events 2 table, and related them by the constant field... but I can't make it work, really.


Which are the steps?