Can't update FM16 server from FM16PRO

Discussion created by barabba on Feb 1, 2018
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Hi everyone and thank you for your kind help!

I have some questions since I can't easly upload from FM Pro to FM Server, it says "File is in use" or "file is locked and can't be opened". Well, at this moment I'm the only one working with the server, and the file I'm trying to update isn't open by any host at all, so why is locked when I try update it? Considering that FM Server is "publishing" it it can be understandable that it is locked, but how to "unlock it"? Any button to "free" it? Should I shut down the FM Server service under Windows to be allowed to "free" the file? Any other easier and less stupid solution? Why FM Pro doesn't ask me simply to overwrite the file and itself switch the file offline to free itr? Why this process so complicated? It is predictable that the project is developed and the files should be often uploaded into server, even for patch bugs when the project will be declared valid and used by different users, there should be a way to force upload it somehow, without shut the FM service down and manually overwrite the files!!
I've read ithis topic (Can't upload new solution to server - FileMaker Server 16 - )  this solution:
"There is a file called permittedlist.txt. It is located in the  /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Shared folder. This Library folder is normally hidden. To view it, go to Finder and open the Go menu while holding down the option key. The option key allows you to select the Library folder.

Drill down to this file, permittedlist.txt and delete it. Or, to be ultra-cautious,  just rename it."

Not a brilliant solutiuon, but anyway can't find this file permittedlist.txt around hard disk, maybe this solutuon is good only for MacOS?


Another question. I can upload to server in the same machine if I use (it says me no secure connection, and it can't verify the certificates, I don't know why..) but I can't from remote. To upload the file I should have the port 443 open to the server too? Why don't it use the 5003 as FM Pro can upload to another FM Pro?
The really strange think here is that if I use as server FM Pro everything is ok, it connects to 5003 (only this port is NAT on internet) and it can overwrite the files easly. Why all such problems with server?
Thank you for your kind support!