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Is it possible to print/send email of PDF via WebDirect not using a robot or php

Question asked by spudmw on Feb 1, 2018
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Hi all,


I am almost done with this project and this is the last obstacle in my way. After 4 days of searching, I have been unable to find a proper solution.  I have an attendance sheet that needs to be printed or sent via email on WebDirect and can't find a proper way to do it. I dont mind the extra work as long as it works.


I cant use robots because its a small program that won't have the program open 24 hours or maybe not every day on the client side so the robot wont be able to call up the record.


And for php, the layout is made up of design elements that would be extremely difficult to layout precisely and uses the sliding up method based on number of attendees, repeating boxes etc.


The only thing I came close to getting right is saving it as a pdf and then transferring it into another layout and inserting it into a container. Which then I thought maybe I could print or send the field contents or even use the php method for that one field.  But as you know, I cant re-insert the file via script.


I am at a standstill with finding even the slightest solution and would appreciate ANY help from you Filemaker geniuses to figuring out this simple-yet-extremely difficult task.


I'm using FM Pro 13


Thanks in advance