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Medical databases, tables relationship

Question asked by silviadepasqua on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by philipHPG

Dear discussants

I'm using Filemaker pro advanced 16 for medical purposes (I'm a researcher) in order to collect data for specific diseases.

I create some tables regarding the different aspects of a specific disease (patient's personal data, familial and medical history, imaging data, biological samples colelcted) and I create a relationship in series between these different tables in order to easily move from one table to another....Each patient is identified through a progressive code and tables are related through this code. My questions are:

1) Is it correct to create a relationship in series between these tables? In the first table "personal data" I create some buttons through which I can move to the other tables (see figure example 1)

2) When I add a new patient in the table "personal data" the program create the new progressive code in this table but I would like that the program could automatically create the same identification code in the other empty tables to be filled(regarding the other aspects of disease) .....Is it possible? I have to create a script to obtain this function or there is a simpler way? (see figure example 2)

3) For some tables, the same patient will have more evaluations in time (follow-up of clinical conditions) so for the same identification code there will be more evaluations differentiated through the "evaluation date" ....this can create some problems for the correct functioning of the database?(see figure 3)


Thank's very much for your attention