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Script on server won't run

Question asked by njem on Feb 2, 2018
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I've got to be missing something dumb. I have a db hosted on an FM server. I have scripts which run on that server's schedule and I know they run because they leave logs. I'm trying to add another but it won't run. Before putting it in the schedule I'm just calling it from another script using Perform Script on Server. I've stripped it down to simply exiting with a code so I can check it but it apparently doesn't run.


The script "server test" to run on the server:

Exit Script [Result:3]


The script which calls it:

Ser Error Capture [On]

Perform Script on Server ["server test"]

Show Custom Dialog[Get ( LastError )]

Show Custom Dialog[Get ( ScriptResult )]


Last error comes back as 0, script result comes back blank.


Go ahead. Tell me what dumb thing I'm missing.