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Include multiple items from portal in a calculated email body

Question asked by barbaragnelson on Feb 4, 2018
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I've created an unstored calculated field to build variable and fixed email content. All works fine when I use fields from my main file (called Requests) and related tables (such as School and Requester). I also have a portal related to Requests called Teachers on Request that can have multiple records per Request.


The layout where I collect the data works fine. But when I try to generate the email using the calculated field (Requests::Assignment Email Text), only fields from the first portal row are included.


I tried using the List function:


List ( Teachers on Request::Teacher Full Name & " "; Teachers on Request::Teacher Email & " "; Teachers on Request::Grade; Teacher Names   & "¶¶"


Do I need some sort of loop to go through all records in the portal for the current Request? I'm not sure how to do that. My portal is up to 10 records.


I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced (on a server) version 16.