Anyone interested in setting up a Raspberry PI?

Discussion created by fmpdude on Feb 3, 2018
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Recently, wimdecorte mentioned that he had been using the Raspberry Pis for services. Naturally, I'd "heard of" the Raspberry Pi, but had never considered it for anything. However, I'm so grateful now for his posting!


The basic issue for me was that now that Apple is, for all my intents and purposes, abandoning the MacOS Server market (Apple cuts macOS Server features, focuses on hardware management | Macworld ), I needed another server environment.


Turns out, setting up a Raspberry Pi was extremely easy and I've moved all my Java web services over to it. They run fast since the Pi has a quad-core processor. I have my Pi sitting at an IP address on my network I access over Wi-Fi. The PI also has a desktop operating system if you want to hook up a monitor and use it that way.


I am starting a quick tutorial for the App Innovations area on setting up the Pi to use with FileMaker if anyone is interested. Tutorial items currently planned, again, if there is interest here, include: SSH, Samba, MySQL, Tomcat 8, and other items (I can include more based on feedback, possibly).


Note that Java 8 and Python 2 come pre-configured on the Pi.


Look forward to seeing if there's any interest.