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Twilio - sending SMS on iphone

Question asked by jjfcpa on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by jjfcpa

I have a Twilio account and I can send text messages from my desktop solution hosted on FMS.  This particular solution will also run on an iPhone and when using the same "insert from URL" script step to send the text message from the iPhone, nothing happens.


I'm creating a variable $URL that contains the following:


"httpspost://" &

$$sms_accountID & ":" & $$sms_token & "" & $$sms_accountID & "/Messages.json?To=+1" & $EmpPhoneNo & "&From=+1" & $$TwilioFromPhoneNumber & "&Body=" & $TEXT


In the "insert from URL" script step I am sending the results to a variable $Response.


Do I need to do something different on the iPhone to make this work?