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Does a theatre database already exist?

Question asked by intrepidtraveler on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by velaramon

I want to create for my personal use a database of all the plays I have seen. Essentially, I would be entering into the database all the information from a theatrical playbill or program. Then asking questions like "Where have I seen this actor before?" and "What plays did I see at the Suchandsuch Festival in 2011?" and "When did Actor X work with Director Y?" I am a FileMaker novice and from the initial research I've done, the prospect looks daunting. (I have FM Pro 16 for Mac and Munro's "Learn FileMaker Pro 16".)


So my first question is has this wheel already been invented? If a database design exists that I can use, where do I find it? I've looked, but couldn't find anything.


A second question would be, if I hire a developer to design the database what should I expect to pay? Hundreds? Thousands? $10K+?