Perform script on server 14 windows host's capacity exceeded

Discussion created by JoshuaPaul on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by wimdecorte

Error: "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later."


Issue: a script that has worked suddenly generates - "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later." - errors.


Able to reproduce issue: NO



- admin console showed NO databases open in Activity page - BUT showed correct number in Status page

- no server plugins

- script worked before

- 1 user connected to server

- fails on any PSOS script - including one line get application version

- no errors the FileMaker logs

- no errors in the Windows logs


Not solutions:

- increase cache

- increase number of PSOS connections


BEST Work Around (thanks Wim!)

- regularly schedule fmsadmin restart fmse


Not a good Work around:

- net stop "filemaker server" && net start "filemaker server"



- stopping and starting a production filemaker server is a disaster on a busy multi user multi application server in a healthcare enviroment

- anyone dealt with this?

- any ideas how to monitor for this?

--- have a log.fmp12 - with a PSOS script schedule that creates a timestamp record - and then have PHP API script check for the newest record and compare timestamp of newest record to current timestamp