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Export multiple tables to single document.

Question asked by jankhe on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by beverly

I am making a database containing forms my team will use to document archaelogical features during field work.

The database contains tables and layouts for the specific features, and each table contains fields which conform with our "official" database.

Its simple enough to export each table separately, but with 6 tables * 25 ipads, this will be time consuming. We are just using a singleton FileMakerPro license, the iPads are running FileMakerGo. No server, so all the exports are done from each iPad to OneDrive.


My thought was that I could combine all my tables into one single "Frankensteins monster"-table:

For example, lets say i have 3 tables: Context, Samples and Sketches.

Context have 35 fields, 45 records, Samples have 6 fields, 10 records, Sketches have 8 fields, 12 records.

I want to export these 3 tables to a single file with no more then 1 operation.


If I add a hidden auto-filled boolean to identify the table, I could have combined and exported these 3 tables to a single .xlsx or csv document. This .xlsx or csv would be a horrible unsymmetrical mess, but thats fine because I could pretty easily brute-forced it to 3 separate .xlsx via a Python-script.

The problem is that I cant find a intuitive way to do this, and was hoping for some suggestions.


I realise that we use FileMaker as kind of a intermediary GUI, and not as a database, but thats just a necessity I have to relate to and try to make it as smooth as possible.