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Why is filemaker 16 so slow to load and connect ?

Question asked by zulupack on Feb 6, 2018
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We used to be on filemaker 8. Running smooth. Recently, I have updated the system to :
Server iMac mini with SSD and Filemaker 16 Server.  

Very very very disappointed the speed of the network.

1- Starting : seems we have to go through the Launch Center window : it takes 30 seconds ( best case ) to 3 minutes to load. Situation is worse with PC clients than Mac clients.   The only way I found to go around is a shortcut file on the desktop with a script "open the file ( specific file which is the entry point to the 20 different databases) , they close myself"  . My "entry file" is then open within seconds.

Open Remote : it is a nightmare for the local databases to load.

Open Favorite : it goes fast

2- Once on this "entry file", buttons give access to the different databases. Click on the button, it take again 1 minute for the target database to open. For most users. For some it is at once. Once the database its open, for everybody, moving inside the open database is fine.

FM16 is supposed to be a serious improvement over FM8.  I cannot believe the steps backward.


If any body has a checklist of settings to go through, I am utmost interested. 

Please rule out explanation like "poor network" and "hardware too old or not enough memory". Even most recent computers have problems. 2 weeks or 6 years old machines to not make any difference.

I suspect some setting related to "protocols"? 


Thank you for your kind assistance if you can.