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Portal sizing tied to font sizes, or snap-to settings?

Question asked by wedgeman on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

FMP 16 and 15....


I'm working on a layout which fills a particular government form.  Said form contains pre-printed forms with lines and columns.


Our solution prints a particular portal (with clear fields, no lines) on that form, in a particular spot.

The challenge is getting the row sizes to match - we often have 8-10 rows, and I'm finding it near-impossible to match the row height of the lines & spaces in the pre-printed form.


It seems that FMP is not allowing me to "free-flow" the portal size, but is creating a minor snap-to step set, apparently tied to font pt size..


If I enlarge the portal size slowly on the vertical plane, it grows by 1pt size (corresponding font point size), and unfortunately I'm not able to do this on anything smaller than that..  it seems that the minimum vertical adjustment is 1pt per row in the column.


To make this match the layout, I need to be able to do this free-hand, without it being tied to a specific exact size.. I can fit the data fields (or merge fields) into it later..


I should mention that i've got all 'snap-to' options turned off...


How is this generally handled?