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Bypass login screen if Webdirect (FM 15)

Question asked by ndelacretaz on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by ndelacretaz

I've read a couple of threads similar to this, but still hitting roadblocks.



1) If WebDirect, enter database with no login screen

2) If FMP client (this implies internal users), require usual login

...since there are 2 possible audiences/user groups, I didn't think it best to try "File Options > Open > Login Using" specifying a hard-coded account. 
...Even when I DO try the "File Options > Open > Login Using" a hard-coded account, I get a message saying my access privileges don't allow that action (I am the admin with [Full Access] permissions, so this is a head-scratcher)...


Steps taken so far:

1) "webuser" account/pw created (with create/edit privileges only)

2) "OnFirstWindowOpen" script trigger set using File Options, which commands "If [Get(SystemPlatform)=4], use 'webuser' account creds and go to screen1"


Result so far: Webdirect users still being directed to the login screen.