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Difficulty Calculating Time Field

Question asked by xxx202xxx on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

Attempting to get the amount of time elapsed for each group



List view Layout

Status = 5 different codes, 5 Start/End Times, 5 Elapsed Times and 5 summary fields

Groups = 3



Status Fields: Type (Timestamp)

ClosedStart/ClosedEnd, AssignedStart/AssignedEnd, PendingStart/PendingEnd, ResolvedStart/ResolvedEnd, CancelledStart/CancelledEnd


cStatus Field: Elapsed Time Type (Calculation) for each of the above statuses

Case ( not (ClosedEnd); ""; not (ClosedStart); "";ClosedEnd - ClosedStart)

Case ( not (AssignedEnd); ""; not (AssignedStart); "";AssignedEnd - AssignedStart)

etc. . . . .


sSummary Status Fields: Totals of cStatus fields for each


cGroupedElapsedTime By Status Field

Case ( Status = "Closed" ; ClosedTimeElapsed; Status = "Resolved"; ResolvedTimeElapsed; Status = "Pending"; PendingTimeElapsed; Status = "Assigned"; ReAssignTimeElapsed; Status = "Cancelled" ; CancelledTimeElapsed;)


This is my list view (not seen with this copy are the summary times for each Status)

I want to now calculate group times for my 3 groups. NOCT1, NOCT2 and NOCT3 but I am having difficulty.