New FM Go Update 16.0.4

Discussion created by jfencil on Feb 6, 2018
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Hello all,


I am developing an app for using FM Go on an iPhone X. The new update is great, allowing developers to see what an iPhone X screen would look like on FM Go. However, I was not able to get a screen to behave how I was able to on previous iPhone versions. To be more specific, with iPhone 6 + 7 etc, I was able to set a non scrolling body part by messing with the height dimensions of the screen.


For example:


IMG_0384.jpg <- Grey space.IMG_0385.PNG<- Vertical scrolling bar.


It may not seem noticeable, but that grey space is very unappealing and frustrating on the iPhone X. I also do not want the page to scroll at all. So in order to do this....


All you have to do is set the Normal Layout Background to white or whatever color you would like and it will fill in behind the iPhone X "Home Bar". This will work on form view and list view. No issues at all.