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Global field for a relationship to dynamically display data in a portal

Question asked by Lizhe on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Lizhe

Hi, all

I have a solution for equipment control. It contains a dashboard, in which I used two global fields (Section and Type) creating a dynamic relationship to bring equipment table records in a portal and a graph (see attachments 1). The global field of Section and the Section field in Equipment table are defined by a same predefined list, the two Type fields by another list. The solution worked fine until the users asked for the dashboard to display either all Sections (instead of one given section), or all types (instead of one type of equip), or to show everything (for all Section and all Types). I added an extra value "all" in the two lists for the global fields but the dynamic relationship cannot be established.


I tried to use the portal filter, it works, but the graph which based on the same relationship, looks crappy (attachment 2). Any suggestions to solve the issue? Thank you very much.