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Help needed with Send Event script step

Question asked by macwizard on Feb 6, 2018
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I want to run a Command Prompt in Windows that would be triggered by a Send Event script step. In FileMaker Pro 15 Adv., if I disable the Send Event step,  run and pause my script, and then manually select Start/Run/cmd and paste in the following text:


start C:\"Program Files"\IrfanView\i_view64.exe /capture=7=(54,121,646,511)/clipcopy


and then click the Return key, a screen capture is successfully taken and sent to the clipboard.  If I then resume the script, everything works (image is inserted into a container field, etc.).


I would like my Send Event step to do all of the above, but I am struggling with the correct syntax in the Send Event dialogue. I am selecting Send the "open document/application" option and inserting my quoted text in the Text area.  No matter what I try, FileMaker says the file can't be found.  For clarity, I am not trying to open a file, I am trying to start the application "i_view64.exe" with the specified parameters.  I have tried preceding the above text with cmd/c, but again, I just don't know the correct syntax.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.