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Correct Permissions to Allow Find

Question asked by ruehli on Feb 7, 2018
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I am wondering how to enable restricted users to perform a find.

(FileMaker 16)


I have a table "Company" with a layout "Company" that is not available to the restricted user and a layout "PortalTest" that is available to the restricted user.


In Permissions for the restricted user I allow only "View" for records of table "Company" (neither edit, nor create, nor delete), and set all fields to "View Only". Obviously, I want these restrictions to apply in Browse mode. In Find mode, any field should be "editable" in the sense that one should be able to enter search criteria...


Permissions for the "PortalTest" layout are "view only" for both the layout itself and records via this layout.


Now, when I log on as the restricted user, I can use Quick Find, but am not allowed to perform find in find mode (the button just remains greyed out).


So, where do I need to losen the restrictions? I haven't found any place to specify permissions for find mode specifically, but would not like to open a hole for the user to edit anything in browse mode.