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Importing Excel file and separating records into tables

Question asked by lgw on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by beverly

I've seen various versions of this question, but still baffled...


I have an Excel file with about 5,000 records, each with 30-40 fields (criminal justice case data). I added a unique ID to each record.


I want to import it into Filemaker, and get it into 5 different tables (offender, jurisdiction, sentence, etc). I went ahead and set these tables up, with field names similar to the source data file (don't mind re-doing that).


The Excel file imports successfully and populates a new, default table. But I cannot understand how to separate these records out into separate tables after the import. Nor can I figure out how to tell Filemaker which table to put fields into in advance of the import. Re-importing the same data into each table separately doesn't seem safe. I considered breaking my Excel file into five smaller files (corresponding to my Filemaker tables), but abandoned that because it seems risky.


I'm amazed that such a basic function as this could be so difficult. I've seen suggestions that I write scripts, but that seems like a very advanced solution to a very basic problem.