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Container fields not handling PDFs correctly under Windows

Question asked by mickthemix on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by mickthemix

Inserting PDFs into Container fields works correctly on Macs using a server based solution, however Windows based machines seem to be unaware that there is content in the field. If I output the data to a concatenated PDF, as it is designed to do, it outputs the fields perfectly. Unfortunately it is possible to overwrite the field data since there is no indication that the content exists! On my Mac the fields act exactly as one would expect, on the windows machines they do not.

The above behaviour is exhibited on Windows 7 Enterprise machine, under Windows 10 the 'Insert PDF' option is greyed out and DragNDrop simply stores the filename and NOT the file.

At one point I thought I had resolved all these problems when I discovered that Adobe Acrobat required to be 'enabled' within the default Web Browser in order to function correctly. Unfortunately 'Enabling' seems to not have any noticeable effect on the situation.

And yes: I have had repeated issues with Filemaker and PDFs over the last two years of development and this isn't the first time I have posted similar questions. The simplest answer would be to output everything as text, unfortunately some of the data is inherently PDF and outputting remains a problem as long as PDFs are involved. After two years of development my client is beginning to lose patience and I think we are only weeks away from looking elsewhere for a workable solution.

Anybody got any ideas?