Auto-Updaters never work

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by TSGal

I don't recall FMPA's auto-update feature EVER working properly.  16v4 is no exception (Windows 7 x64).


Upon starting FM16 yesterday, it told me there was an update so I clicked 'Install Update', it closed the Launch Center, and it ended peacefully, though I had to manually start FM16 when it appeared to be done.  I'd assumed it was updated, but didn't check.


Upon starting FM16 today, it asked me again, so I clicked 'Install Update' again and this time, after closing it closed the Launch Center, it just crashed on me:


I started FM16 again and checked the version and was still 16v3.  This time I went to FM's help menu and clicked 'Check for Updates'.  It found the update and clicking 'Install Update' resulted in a peaceful ending (after it closed the Launch Center) and I had to manually open FM16 again.  Still v3.


I went to 'Check for Updates' again, but this time when I got the dialog telling me that FM would be closed, updated, and then automatically restarted, I first manually closed the Launch Center myself.  Unfortunately, that also closed the updater.


I'm sure I can just manually download the updater and take care of business, but it's frustrating that this feature just never seems to work for me after 2-3 versions and 6-8 v-revs.  I wonder if it's the same story for other Windows (or Windows 7) users.