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Need help with setting up a relationship for Portal use.

Question asked by sbetarie on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by beverly

Having trouble adding information to the second row of a
portal – seems to be a common thread but I haven’t found a solution.
Fields are inside the portal and are not touching the boundaries so nudging a
field here and there is not the solution.   Setting up the proper relationship
seems to be the issue.     


I use FileMaker for a small business, I designed the
database a long time ago and have just recently upgraded from 6 to 16 so I am
basically relearning everything all over.  I had only one table before
basically without relationships except for Similar Names, which I think was created
on its own.  So, I am learning as I go and trying to clean things up along
the way. 


Here is what I have:


Customer Details Table

  Contains lots of fields and many records


Sales Archive Table - I want to create a portal to record
each time a specific item is sold – only 1 record that contains the portal.

  Maybe 7 fields total that are related to the Customer
Details Table/Layout (the related fields are located in a tab on this layout,
if that matters)


How is the relationship set up?


This was my initial approach:


Sales Archive Layout: Display records from Sales Archive

  Portal: Show related records from “Customer Details
Table” – Tried this initially and I thought it was working until I noticed the
number of records matched the Customer details table so this is no good. 


Relationship: ID = ID between the two tables? 

Allow Creation of records in  the “Sales Archive Table”


Do I use the “=” Cartesian operator?  I tried the “X”
but then it doesn’t have the option to create records.  I tried other fields
for the relationship (Date Sold for example) and none of them seem to work


Please help and If you need more specifics please let me know.   Thanks.