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Interactive Container Weirdness

Question asked by JimmyCox on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi Guys,

Working on a Clients database where we've recently installed an SSL Certificate and split the database into 2 files.

The second file is just the Documents table (PDF's and photos) with Local storage within the second file.

Since doing both of these things the behaviour has changed.

On my Macbook, when dragging a PDF into the container, nothing happens on screen. It appears as if nothing has gone in. This is with an OnObjectModify trigger on the container that refreshes the window (and flushes external cache). If i go in the background and check the PDF is definitely there. If I drag and drop a PNG or JPG or anything it immediately pops up.

On My Macbook I have Adobe Acrobat as my default PDF.

On the clients Windows 10 machine he has Foxit Pro as his default and when he adds a PDF he gets a 404 error but if I check in the background the PDF is there. If he adds a JPG or PNG it pops up immediately.

Is there something I'm missing?