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Finding Duplicate Records

Question asked by ericmiller on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by alquimby

In my system there is a chance I might get multiple records from the same people.  I figured if there was a way to look at a field and count the number of times it appears in all the records I could then do things with that to show duplicate records.  For example if there was a cal to count how many times an email is in other records I could highlight the records red. 


The missing part for me is what the calculation for the field need to be to count other occurrences.


The table would be "Talent" and the field would be "Email".  I will make a calculation field named something like cDuplicates, and it would need to Count how many times the same information is entered into Talent::Email.  Ideally most will be 1, but if it is greater then 1 I can then use that to find duplicates.



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