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Dacon's Mailit not creating From field

Question asked by sariea on Feb 8, 2018

I'm experiencing a strange issue and have completely run out of ideas on how to fix it.


I support a 10+ seat FileMaker database for a local company and we incorporated Dacon's MailIt several months ago. Every one can send emails just fine through the plugin except one person. She has never been able to succesfully send an email. The plugin result comes back that the message is sent but it really isn't, and when I look at the .dat file created by the plugin, the only difference between that and the .dat file from a successfully sent message is that the From line in the header(?) is missing.


It's not her computer, as this happens on any computer that she signs into FM on.

It's not her FM account permissions because I've changed her to Full Access and she's still unable to send.

It's not her email information, as I've changed the email information on her FM account and it still doesn't send. I'm also able to successfully login to her email on the web.


Can anyone please help me? Thank you!


FM version 15, MailIt version 6.0.5.b37