Filemaker 16 is not using the systems keyboard layout.

Discussion created by electric_soul on Feb 9, 2018
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Product and version

Filemaker 16.x Pro/Adv



OS and version

Win 7/10




Filemakers hotkeys keyboard mappings are depended on the chosen "user interface language". Therefore we cannot use some hotkeys, if we develop in english. And developing in english is a must nowadays.


Example for "Disable Script step" in the script editor.

English language: CTRL+/

German Language: CTRL+SHIFT+/



How to replicate

Change the "user interface language" from english to german at "edit > preferences > user interface language" and try the hotkeys in the description above.




none....    or not using some hotkeys


Possible solution

Filemakers hotkeys keyboard mappings, must depend on the systems keyboard layout



Now I assume Filemaker has intended that, but this is such a bad design decision that basically breaks all rules that I call it a bug rather than a bad feature