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Script "skipping" a step?

Question asked by lindseym on Feb 9, 2018
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I was notified this morning that one of my scrip steps was not performing as it has in the past.


It seems to skip over, or not APPEND a PDF it creates (line 117).


Here is portion of the script where the issue is:



It performs 102-110 fine from what I can tell.


Line 117 is the line that appends line 113.


I created a new text script to test original lines 111-117 and copied and pasted them


This new script appends and I get the results desired.


I deleted the old lines 111-117 and pasted in the new. It still does not append.


I know that the last change I made to this script was lines 108-110. Before that it worked as desired. As a test I removed  those lines and the PDF did not append.


I tried manually retyping every step, I did find one error (line 112 was suppose to read Sort By Order - Production MC) I fixed that, but still no luck on the file appending.


Any thoughts on where / why this may have stopped working?